A Complete Variety of Courier Services within the City of Saskatoon

  • Dedicated drivers and vehicles to service specific daily runs for Customers. This provides a very stable platform to ensure the regular scheduled trip(s) are met in a timely and repetitive manner by the same driver.

  • Demand Courier Service with a complete variety of vehicles to move virtually any freight requirement up to 70,000 lbs within the city of Saskatoon. We offer three service levels. Our first two service levels are dedicated to all of our cars, vans, ¼-tons, and ½-tons. Regular Service for these units is 90 minute maximum service time from the time we receive the trip information. Rush Service for these units is 70 minute maximum service time from the time we receive the trip information. Our third service level is for all of our Large Truck units (1-tons, semi-trailers). We commit to responding to the trip within 30 to 45 minutes (or sooner) from the time we receive the trip information.

  • Direct Drive Emergency Service from Saskatoon to virtually any location within the province of Saskatchewan or Alberta - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will pickup any shipment up to 70,000 lbs within 30 to 45 minutes from the time we receive the trip information and drive the freight directly (no stops between) to the delivery point. Each vehicle will have a cell phone for contact with the destination point to ensure an on-time deliver - all the time! No extra handling, thus reducing/eliminating damage claims.


Custom Courier offers a completely computerized billing system. All delivery information is data entered into a customized database. We can subtotal and departmentalize all information and costs in virtually any manner required. We provide Detailed Customer Reports that are simple, comprehensive, and easy to understand. All Service Times are documented. We can provide this information in a variety of formats including PDF, Excel, HTML, or as raw data in Dbase 4 language. All Reports and Invoices can be electronically sent in whatever format you choose.

Probill Lookup is one of our newest Internet features. When you receive you Invoice and Detailed Customer Report, there may be times when you want to see the original Bill of Lading to confirm signatures and/or charges. We make this process very simple. Go to our website and log in to the online dispatch system. You can download the image to print, or simply view it in your browser. All scanned Probills remain available on our website for six months. Another free service!


Dispatch is the key to quality delivery services. Currently we are the only courier company in Saskatoon that utilizes three dispatchers for our fleet. Our first dispatcher handles all car and van deliveries. Our second handles all ¼-ton and ½-ton deliveries. Our third handles all 1-ton, 3-ton, 5-ton, and trailer deliveries. This allows us to provide instant communication between customers and drivers in regards to the status of any vehicle/trip. All of our units are two-way radio equipped, so instant and accurate information can be relayed at any time.

Telephone Service/Internet Access

We offer our Customers two methods of communicating their delivery requirements to us: by telephone or by Internet.

  • Telephone: We have eight telephone lines and eight telephone operators. Our Customers are rarely put on hold and they will talk immediately to an actual human being, versus a computerized recording. All of our telephone operators are trained in virtually all aspects of our business - from booking a simple trip to providing a direct drive service. If you are calling to inquire about the status of a delivery or to get advice on the type of vehicle to request for a special requirement, the same person will also handle these calls as well. We believe that our Customers' time is valuable. The less time we keep you tied up on the phone, the more time you have to do what is important: service your Customers.

  • Internet: We have a simple yet useful Internet Dispatch Service that allows customers to place their deliver order to us online. A username and password is provided for each Customer. Log on to our server, enter your delivery order, and a vehicle will automatically be dispatched to you. This system also allows you to print a Probill for your records and save it in memory for six months. Customers who spend a great deal of time on the phone with Customers find this system very useful in allowing them the ability to place a delivery call without being interrupted over the phone. To test this system out for free and without obligation, click here and use the following name and password (all lower case):

    Username: CUST
    Password: CUST01

    Feel free to book imaginary orders and test the whole site out as you wish. No vehicles will be dispatched and no charges incurred. If this is of interest to you, please let us know so we can set you up with your own password.

Vehicle Variety

We offer our Customers the most diverse fleet of vehicles available in Saskatoon. This allows our Customers the freedom to choose any vehicle type to handle virtually any type of freight movement needed, without having to call different companies for different units. From cars to minivans, ¼-tons to ½-tons, panel vans, 1-ton to 5-ton flat decks, 3-ton vans, tilt decks, semi tractors and flat deck trailers from 14' to 60', plus every style, type, and length of flat deck trucks and trailers imaginable.

Driver Quality

Nothing is more important than the quality and professionalism a driver will provide when handling your shipment. Unfortunately, our industry has been known to have a large driver turnover. This means that there are usually more "rookie" drivers on a fleet than experienced drivers. Custom Courier recognizes this issue has been problematic and implemented special programs, incentives, and higher pay to reduce this trend. This hard work has paid off and we provide our Customers with a driver turnover of less than 10% per year (the last five years running!). This means that you will find the larger portion of our drivers are experienced, well trained, and know the city and its routes very well - speeding up the delivery process and providing a quality of driver not normally associated with courier companies. Our drivers are fully uniformed (with photo ID badges), clean, bonded, cargo insured, and trained and certified in the handling and transportation of Dangerous Goods.

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