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Experience the difference

For over 28 years, Custom Courier has been more than just a delivery service. We pride ourselves on efficiency, safety, and unparalleled customer focus. 

With a seasoned team boasting over a century of combined experience, we’re not just delivering packages; we’re delivering peace of mind. 

Let us manage your courier needs while you focus on your business. Choose Custom Courier and truly Experience The Difference!

Reliable delivery solutions
Our services

Our diversified suite of services is designed to cater to every logistical requirement. 

Our mission is to provide customer-focused, efficient, and safe transportation solutions.

Courier service

Local delivery services within Saskatoon.

Flat deck

Delivery solutions for large loads up to 30,000 lbs.


Dedicated solution for multiple delivery services. 


Deliveries locally and across SK, AB, and MB.

Expert hauling of large equipment with tilt and semi tractors.

Secure, optionally climate-controlled goods transport with added services.

Specialized transport with easy-access rollback curtains.

Precision delivery services for all inbound freight needs.

Collaborative logistics management with third-party partners.

Trusted, SGI-certified mechanic services for heavy-duty vehicles.

Experience the difference
Why Choose us?
Veteran Expertise

28 years as Saskatoon’s most trusted and expansive local courier.


Our legacy is rooted in respect, ensuring you experience service by professionals.

Fleet Diversity

From minivans to semi tractors, our vast fleet meets diverse delivery needs.

Swift & Reliable

Diverse delivery options, including 24/7 emergency service, ensure timely shipments.

Specialized runs

Tailored delivery services ensure your shipments arrive precisely as needed.


Rigorous safety standards and inspections guarantee secure deliveries.


Enhancing farm-to-market efficiencies with robust logistics solutions.


Streamlining the transportation of precious resources with dependable services.


Facilitating the timely delivery of materials to keep projects on track.

Oil & GAS

Offering reliable transport for the energy sector, from drilling sites to distribution.


Optimizing supply chains with our expert, cross-industry transportation services.

Message From the founders
Our Vision and Values
Custom-Courier (17)
Jason Gelowitz
COO / Co-Founder

"What truly distinguishes us is our commitment to not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them. We've fostered a culture of excellence where every team member is empowered to act in our clients' best interests, leading to services that are as reliable as they are innovative."

"At the heart of our company is a belief in the power of personalized service. We've built our reputation by being not just a service provider, but a partner who listens and adapts to the unique needs of each client. That's what sets us apart in a world of one-size-fits-all solutions."

Custom-Courier (16)
Bryan Thiessen
CEO / Co-Founder
YWCA Saskatoon
Manager of Training Programs

“This dynamic team goes above and beyond! Thank you to everyone at Custom Courier for making our program participants feel so welcomed. The Simulator training was an amazing experience and the extra knowledge shared by all of the staff will go a long way in helping our participants become safe and professional drivers. So many thanks.”

Russel Metals Saskatchewan

“Russel Metals Saskatoon has been dealing with Custom Courier since they started in 1996. The staff and drivers are always ready and willing to find a quick and cost effective solution for all our shipping needs.”


“We’ve had the privilege of working with Custom Courier for the past decade for our local deliveries within Saskatoon. They have always provided us a professional service at affordable rates and their drivers always have a smile on their face when they arrive to our office.”

PGI Printers

“We have been a long time customer of Custom Courier. We love them! Their drivers are always very cheerful and friendly when picking up or dropping off deliveries. The office staff is patient and knowledgeable when we need questions answered or help in planning the logistics of certain deliveries. On the very rare occasion that a hiccup occurs their team is quick to address it.  We don’t hesitate to recommend Custom Courier as a reliable, local company to use for all your delivery needs.”

Cameco Corporation
Manager, Transportation and Logistics SCM

“Custom Courier has been a trusted vendor of Cameco’s for over 20 years. They have provided us with excellent service over the years, whether it is during business hours or an urgent request after hours.”

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